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The struggle for Kobane: An example of selective solidarity – Leila Al Shami

The heroic resistance of the people of Kobane in fighting the onslaught of the Daesh (ISIS) fascists since mid-September, has led to a surge of international solidarity. A multitude of articles and statements have been written and protests have been held in cities across the world. Kurds have flooded across the Turkish border to help... Weiterlesen >

Statement of solidarity with the Syrian revolution – One year after Ghouta

We hereby share a current statement of solidarity with the Syrian Revolution that was initiated by the Syrian Revolution Support Bases. Adopt a Revolution supports this call for solidarity, roughly one year after the fatal chemical attack on Ghouta that took the lives of more than 1,000 Syrians. To sign the statement as well, write... Weiterlesen >

World Social Forum petition: Solidarity with Syrian stuggle for dignity and freedom

Adopt a Revolution supports the petition originating from the World Social Forum in Tunis this year. First signatories are activists as well as intellectuals, academics, and journalists from all over the world. Based on the petition a call for a Global Day of Solidarity was starting, calling for solidarity actions to take place globally on... Weiterlesen >