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Regime demands extradition of media activist Qusai Zakarya

Update: Qusai managed to leave Syria after going through interrogations of regime representatives. Latest update by Michael Weiss. We have already reported on the Syrian-Palestinian media activist Qusai Zakarya from Moadamiya, Damascus. He has been an active voice in the “Break the Siege” campaign to raise awareness of the regime’s siege and starvation that has... Weiterlesen >

Activist in danger: Qusai Zakarya

We hereby document a statement posted on the Facebook-page “Solidarity with Qusai Zakarya” on January 13th, 2014. Qusai was blogging in English about his experiences during the hunger strike. Adopt a Revolution is working closly with the the media committee in Moadamiya, that documents the planful starvation of the besieged Damascene of Moadamiya and supports... Weiterlesen >