Adopt a Revolution works with more than 40 local projects all over Syria. Our partners engage in unarmed civil society activities to chalange the Assad dictatorship and at the same time stand against jihadist terror. Support their work!

  • With your donation we support a local group with 700 to 1,000 Euro (800 to 1,200 Dollars) monthly. Below there are two examples for projects we support.
  • Adopt a Revolution guarantees that your contribution is only used for the specified purposes and only for unarmed activities.

Schools in besieged Erbin

Students in Syria need support for their unarmed protests!

Erbin is a besieged suburb of damascus. Some years ago, Islamists planned to open schools to teach children their ideology. But civil activists were faster – and now teach about 1.800 children in the tolerant tradition of Syria. The schools are hosted in basements, because there children are safe of the regular bombing. As the siege is intensifying, we’re now planning to introduce school meals – as learning becomes impossible when starving.


Fraternity Center Kobani


After ISIS-terrorists were defeated in and around Kobani, large parts of the city were destroyed. The activists of Fraternity Center were amongst the first to return. They started rebuilding their Center, from where they set out to rebuild the democratic and human rights oriented society. Support their women’s empowerment courses and human rights activities!


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The support for the committees is made possible by so far more than 2,500 donors. For all committees, please refer to the German site.