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Resisting Hayat Tahrir al-Sham

Resisting Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Author and analyst Haid Haid conducted an important research examining how Syrian civil society groups are trying to resist extremist militias such as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. Read his findings here. Weiterlesen >

Job offer: Project Officer (around 20hrs/week)

To strengthen our civil society projects in Syria and outreach in Germany, we are looking for a passionate and committed new member of our team to manage and coordinate projects inside Syria and to support our daily work. Adopt a Revolution (AaR) is a small Berlin-based non-governmental organisation (NGO) supporting civil society activities in Syria.... Weiterlesen >

The Razan Zaitouneh Award 2015 goes to Viyan Dakhil

The Razan Zaitouneh Award 2015 goes to Viyan Dakhil The Member of Parliament Viyan Dakhil has been awarded with the Razan Zaitouneh Prize 2015. On Friday 18, 2015, the Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights organized a ceremony of honour for her in Berlin, Germany, which was considered as a bridge of fraternity between Syrian and Iraqi people. Adopt a Revolution attended the ceremony as the award winner... Weiterlesen >

Bremen Peace Award: Laudation and Speech of Thanks

Bremen Peace Award: Laudation and Speech of Thanks On November 27, 2015 Adopt a Revolution has been awarded with the International Bremen Peace Award 2015 in the category “Exemplary Initiative”. The two other prize winners are the Somalian Blogger Farah Abdullahi Abdi and the Irish mediator Mary Montague. Read here the laudatory speech and our speech of thanks! In her impressing laudatory speech... Weiterlesen >

Survey: Reasons to Leave and to Return

Survey: Reasons to Leave and to Return In 2015 hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees reached Europe. But instead of talking to them, many just talk about them. We conducted a survey and asked: What are reasons for leaving? Who is responsible? What can we do? Read our results here. Weiterlesen >

Support the Syrian activists

Support the Syrian activists The uprising in Syria laid the base for a vivid civil society. Amid the barbaric war, activists try to build themselves and for the locals a future – also in order to reduce the need to leave the country. Support their local projects! Weiterlesen >

The National: ‘Adopt’ the Syrian uprising, supporters in Germany urge

Activists in Germany are supporting the Syrian uprising by raising money and smuggling cash, mobile phones and laptops into the country to help opposition groups organise peaceful demonstrations. Their Adopt a Revolution programme (www.adoptrevolution.org) is modelled on charities that seek sponsors to “adopt” children in poor countries, or rainforest trees, through regular donations. Read the... Weiterlesen >